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I recently completed an Industrial Design degree at Walla Walla University and currently reside in Kennewick, Washington.

I chose to pursue a degree in Industrial Design because I enjoy using my hands to help others obtain a higher standard of living. I am passionate about solving worthwhile problems and want my efforts to bring positive changes to our environments.

Design is my unique way of communicating truth and beauty to the world.  I have also always been interested in the lifelong pursuit of understanding communicating forces. I enjoy combining visually pleasing 

forms and improving functionality of the products, environments, and experiences we engage with daily. 

Many of my lifelong hobbies have aligned with educational pursuits. I have been awarded academic scholarships based on my artistic portfolio and have work experience assisting the operation of both art galleries and college art, design, and technology, departments. I have also been involved in restoring classic cars from an early age, which has influenced the way I value history when conducting research. 

As a leader and team member, I believe everyone benefits from open communication, collaboration, and honest critique.